Eddie Kantar
Alfred Sheinwold
and Eddie Kantar
Sheinwold and Kantar
at ACBL Hall-of-Fame
induction in Philadelphia
February 29, 1996

All About Eddie Kantar

Member of the Bridge Hall of Fame
National & World Champion
Teacher, Writer

Eddie Kantar's bridge wisdom combined with his wit makes reading his popular books a learning experience (at any level) as well as a true pleasure.

He is one of the best known bridge writers in the world. He has written some 25 bridge books, some available in CD-Rom form, and is also a regular contributor to the ACBL Bulletin, Bridge World, Bridge Today, and OKbridge.

A two-time World Champion, Eddie is highly regarded as a player, and he competes regularly on the National level.  He is known as one of bridge's great ambassadors.

Eddie learned to play bridge at 11 and by the time he was 17 he was teaching professionally — and still is!  He often took his bridge books to junior and senior high school, hiding them beneath his textbooks.  One of his instructors was so impressed with his "study" habits that he mentioned it in class, causing Eddie to sweat bullets fearing the teacher would come a little closer and see "Reese on Play" superimposed over the history book he was supposed to be studying.

At the high school level many of the girls who had boyfriends in college found out that Eddie played bridge and begged him to teach them the game. He did, with high hopes in mind, but the minute they thought they knew how to play, he never heard from them again. At the University of Minnesota where he studied foreign languages (now he can enjoy bridge books written in French and Italian),  he taught bridge and sold football souvenirs to pay his tuition.

As a player Eddie gained stature by winning two World Championships, a dozen National Championships, and countless Regional and Sectional titles.  His North American titles include the Spingold and Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams and the Grand National Teams. Eddie is a Grand Master in the World Bridge Federation rankings and an ACBL Grand Life Master with more than 10,000 master points.

Today Eddie is best known as a writer and many of his books are considered classics.  Some of his books have been translated into eight languages, including Bridge for Dummies, which has been translated into two languages thus far. He has won the American Bridge Teacher's Association award for Best Book of the Year 4 times.

Eddie does his writing in California, lectures on bridge cruises, and takes groups twice a year for one week all inclusive bridge holidays to beautiful hotels on the Mexican Riviera.  He also teaches occasionally in the Los Angeles area as well as lectures several times a year in various resort areas in the U.S. and Canada. When not writing about bridge, Eddie can be found at Venice Beach playing paddle tennis, an offshoot of tennis, a sport in which he has also garnered several trophies.  Since many of the paddle tennis players are also bridge players, often a bridge game is formed there as well!

By the way, Eddie is the only person ever to have played in a World Bridge Championship and a World Table Tennis Championship. (He had more success in the Bridge World Championship).  Eddie was inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame in 1996, the same year he was inducted into the Minnesota State Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

ACBL Hall of Fame
interview with bridge great, Eddie Kantar



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