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A treasury of short pieces from one of the bridge world's favorite writers. Great stories, great hands, tips and tricks to help your game - the best of the best!

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Eddie Kantar is a professional bridge player, writer, teacher and member of the Bridge Hall of Fame. He won two World Champion and thirteen North American Championship titles. Eddie is the author of numerous bestselling books on the game, and his columns appear regularly in bridge magazines around the world.


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Maybe you've read some of Eddie's articles and been impressed with his skillful, witty presentation. This prolific writer offers you a huge number of free articles, bridge problems, quizzes, and tips for your enjoyment on this website.

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ABTA 2020 Book of the Year Awards!

At the American Bridge Teachers’ Association’s 39th Annual Book of the Year awards, two of Eddie Kantar's books were honored with the special Legacy Award, which recognizes outstanding but out-of-print titles that have been updated and made available to a new generation of bridge players.

Winners were 2nd editions of Introduction to Declarer Play and Introduction to Defense by Eddie Kantar. Originally published in 1968, these classics were revised and updated by Barbara Seagram in 2019 to incorporate modern bidding and play ideas.

It's not enough to win the tricks that belong to you, try also for some that belong to the opponents.
- Alfred Sheinwold

Great Books on Bridge

Eddie writes with a keen sense of humor flavoring his logical bridge advice. He has a gift for making it fun and easy to learn.

Among his many popular books, some of the most recent are:

  • TAKE ALL YOUR CHANCES 2Introduction to Declarers Play
    [2nd Edition - Published Nov. 2019]
  • TAKE ALL YOUR CHANCES 2Introduction to Defense
    [2nd Edition - Published Nov. 2019]
  • Bridge for Dummies [4th Edition Sept. 2016]
  • Treasury of Bidding Tips
    [2nd Edition - Published Mar. 2013]
  • Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders
    [2nd Edition - Published Nov. 2012]
  • Take All your Chances At Bridge 2
    [Sequel - Published July 2011]
  • Take All your Chances At Bridge
    [Published Nov. 2009]
  • Roman Keycard Blackwood
    [5th Edition, Published Nov. 2008]
  • Classic Kantar

Eddie's books are available in major retail and online bookstores, as well as directly from the author himself on this website.

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